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Autonomous Solar Cleaning Robotics

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Technology for Energy Transition

Solar Energy Robotics is a specialist division of IES that develops robotic technologies for the solar industry.

The technology is built robust and reliable for remote operations in the toughest conditions.

Our purpose is to optimise production of renewable solar energy to accelerate the global energy transition to clean and green energy.


We develop autonomous robotic technology that makes the investment in the renewable energy the best value option for energy production.


The robotics technology combines advanced cleaning tools, robotics, sensors and analytical software to create a reliable and sustainable product that optimise the efficiency of the solar PV installations.

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Autonomous Solar Cleaner

The Autonomous Solar Cleaning Robot (ASCR) is the only automated solar panel cleaner that has been designed to perform in the harshest and toughest mine site conditions.

IES has been supplying Autonomous Solar Cleaners in the mining sector since 2018 and continuously maintains fleets of vehicles on sites. Our partnerships in the mining sector has led to increased reliability, efficiency and cost savings, which has resulted in high customer loyalty.

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"IES has consistently delivered high-quality electrical contracting services for Client. The Autonomous Solar Cleaners have provided mitigation to safety, reliability of the solar power supply, significant cost savings and increased efficiency on our sites. I recommend IES for their expertise and commitment to safety."

- Electrical Superintendent, Global Mine Operator



Supporting the Green Energy Transition to Net Zero

This case study explores the implementation of the SER autonomous solar cleaning robot (ASCR) and its impact on the site's production efficiency, worker satisfaction, safety, and financial performance.


Dust is a Risk to Mine Production

The mining industry increasingly relies on solar power as the most effective power supply for off-grid infrastructure, especially critical communication systems on autonomous mine sites. Dust accumulation on solar panels can reduce reliability and efficiency, causing communication system failures and mine production losses.

Implementing cleaning as preventative maintenance helps improve the reliability of energy production while reducing panel degradation caused by soiling, including abrasion, oxidation, partial shading, and corrosion.       


Dusty mine site areas close to mine site haulage roads, stock piles, production, and loading facilities where plant and equipment can cause daily dust disturbance.

Daily Cleaning for Preventative Maintenance is Recommended.


Manually cleaning solar panels poses HSE risks, including intense sun exposure, temperatures exceeding 45⁰C, as well as physical exhaustion and bodily strain from repetitive and demanding movements. It is also a very unpleasant horrible task for skilled workers to execute regularly.

A manual water-based broom cleaning system will also damage the solar panels with cracks of the glass panels and abrasion of the anti-reflective coatings. 

Manual Cleaning Exposes Workers to Risk

Manual Cleaning Exposes Workers to Risk_Solar Energy Robotics
Manual Cleaning Exposes Workers to Risk_Solar Energy Robotics_ASCR
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Solution :

Autonomous Solar Cleaning Robotics

The Autonomous Solar Cleaning Robots (ASCR) are a fully autonomous water-less cleaning system permanently installed on solar arrays. The system is completely independent powered by a solar-charging battery and remote communication system ensuring there is no possibility of causing a fault or breach to the site communication system. The timed system is programmed to clean as frequently as required to maintain the reliability and efficiency of the panel. The soft nylon brush cleans the panels, removing dirt and debris before adhesion and consolidation without damage or abrasion to the panel. 

“When you consider mental health and keeping a positive mind-set in the business - would you want to go and clean dusty panels one after another in 45⁰C [heat]? I don't think so.”


Cost Savings 

The use of the Autonomous Solar Cleaning Robotics brings a 70% cost savings and breakeven costs when compared to a weekly and monthly manual cleaning maintenance program, respectively.

Eliminate HSE Risks

The ASCR is an autonomous cleaning solutions that eliminates all HSE risks associated with cleaning and allows the skilled onsite resources to focus on other crucial tasks for the mine site, productivity. In addition, the implementation of the autonomous solar cleaner has a positive impact on the mental health of the technicians responsible for solar panel maintenance.


Improving Solar Generation Efficiency


Up to 40% increase in clean energy production


Increases staff productivity by removing manual processes


Removes fail-over to diesel due to under-performing solar output


Avoids adding more panels by increasing output per existing panel


Expert design, installation and maintenance at any site

Mine Site and Remote Location Support

Eliminates labour-intensive manual cleaning and HSE risks

Optimises solar energy output and ROI on solar installations

Increases useable life and efficiency of PV panels

Eliminates cost of labour, travel, diesel, water, consumables  

Fully self-contained – no power or water required

Soft nylon brushes removes dirt and debris with no panel damage

Remote data communications provides real-time control, sensor data and alarms



Workshop Technician

We are seeking an energetic and enthusiastic Workshop Technician to join our projects delivery team. The Workshop Technician will be responsible for building, servicing, and installing Autonomous Solar Cleaning Robots in the mining industry. Most of the work will be workshop-based in Canning Vale, with possible site work as needed. The ideal candidate will have experience in a hands-on trade and a strong desire to work in the mining and robotics industry.


  • Build and assemble Autonomous Solar Cleaning Robots in the workshop according to instructions and technical specifications.

  • Service and maintain Autonomous Solar Cleaning Robots to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

  • Install Autonomous Solar Cleaning Robots at mining sites as needed, while adhering to strict safety protocols.

  • Perform forklift and general workshop duties such as goods in, goods out, and housekeeping.

  • Local pick up and delivery of components.

  • Manifest equipment to load out.

  • Perform quality inspection of delivered goods.

  • Work collaboratively with the projects delivery team to ensure successful project delivery, while always prioritizing safety.


  • Experience in a hands-on trade (e.g., mechanical, electrical, or mechatronics) is preferred.

  • Desire to work in the mining and robotics industry.

  • Ability to pass a pre-employment medical.

  • Experience in a workshop environment, with a strong focus on safety.

  • Forklift license (or willingness to obtain).

  • Strong attention to detail and ability to follow instructions and technical specifications.

  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills.

We are an equal opportunity employer and welcome applications from all qualified candidates.  If you are a motivated individual looking for an exciting opportunity to work in the mining and robotics industry, we encourage you to apply for this position.
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White Paper

Autonomous Cleaning for Preventative Maintenance of Small Solar PV Arrays on Mine Sites

To request for a PDF copy, kindly send us your email address.

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To find out more about the Autonomous Solar Cleaner, contact us.

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